re:view - Seafair Action, Pt. 1

Seattle Seafair 2011

It was a long, long weekend of shooting all the Seafair action on Lake Washington. From Thursday's practice run to Sunday's finale I captured just shy of 7,000 images of the Blue Angels, Hydros, Boeing Air Show, the yatchs and party boats, mostly using a behemoth Canon 400mm f/2.8L IS, sometimes with a Canon Extender EF x1.4 III.  Combined with my x1.6 cropped Canon DSLR sensor, it put my focal length at about 896mm f/4. Pretty much a telescope. If you've never shot at this focal length, I highly recommend it - it's quite fun but difficult, especially when you are hand-holding the 12lbs lens and tracking an F-18 Blue Angel traveling at just under the speed of sound.

Inspired by the warm vintage style coloring in the photo above, which my girlfriend took of me while shooting the action, I've put together a small collection of some of my favorite photos with a similar warm color style.

Scroll down and enjoy! (click on the image to see it in high-res)

If you like what you see, and would like a print for your home or office, email me at and I'd be happy to help you get it on your wall. Cheers!