Engagement Session: Jason & Kieran

I recently spent a sunny Sunday afternoon photographing Jason & Kieran at their rustic Summer 2012 wedding venue, Fall City Farms. The venue is located just outside of Seattle off of I-90 in the Snoqualmie Valley, but yet feels like it's a world away. I've seen some wedding venues that call themselves a 'farm', but this place is the real deal. There were chickens, there were cows, and yes, even a donkey named Ethel. All of which, I'm told, will be attending the wedding next summer.

Having the chance to shoot the engagement photos at the wedding venue was a nice treat as I was able to scout the grounds and try out different camera and lens settings. We also picked a time close to their scheduled ceremony time so that we could see what the lighting might look like, where the shadows will fall, etc. Having an idea where the good spots to photograph them ahead a time is going to make my job that much easier on the big day - plus I can plan accordingly for the gear that I'll need for the shots we've got planned. I also learned that I shouldn't get my lens too close to Ethel the donkey...

I've known Jason since the 5th grade - we go way, way back. I remember the first time I met him was during an intense recess football game on the dirt upper playground at Maywood Hills Elementary. From what I recall, he was in charge of the game - declaring rules, calling out penalties, and taking snaps at QB. Since then, not much has changed. As the head coach of the Interlake High School football team, he's still in charge. Although, there's one big difference now...he's got a beautiful 'cheerleader' in the stands rooting him on at every game.

Kieran is an absolute gem of a lady, and it doesn't hurt that she loves football too. I haven't known Kieran quite as long as Jason, but from the time I've spent hanging out with them both over the past couple years, I can tell they're a perfect match for each other. I'm incredibly excited and honored to be photographing her wedding - she's going to be a gorgeous bride. No doubt about it.

Be sure to check back next summer for the wedding photos!



(Above is a fun little Cinemagraph I made. Can't wait to make more at the wedding!)