Hey - thanks for checking out my site. I'm a Seattle-based photographer that is always shooting a wide range of styles - from capturing panoramic landscapes to professional sports, to shooting commercial imagery, local concerts, timelapse videos, and even the occasional wedding.

I really like to shoot it all.

Over the past several years, my commercial work has appeared in several NW magazines, newspapers, corporate websites & advertisements. I’m always looking for new & creative projects to take on and rarely leave home without my camera. 

Here’s a few personal specs;

  - I never took a traditional photography class. Though, I have taken hundreds of thousands of photos and taught myself along the way.
  - My first digital camera in high school was a Sony MVCFD100 which stored 1.2-megapixel photos on a FLOPPY DISK (!!) ha!
  - I’m a Canon guy. Always have been. Though, if you handed me a Hasselblad H5D, I probably wouldn’t turn it down.
  - I’m a proud University of Washington alum. Go Dawgs!
  - I could eat at a taco truck everyday.
   - I grew up skiing and snowboarding at Stevens Pass. I dream of backcountry powder.
  - Every so often I disappear to a tropical beach and live in my board shorts and flip flops until it’s time to come home.
  - The clouds & rain in Seattle don't bother me - it just makes me appreciate the blue skies that much more.
  - My beautiful wife, Denae', is my biggest supporter and keeps me motivated to be a better person & a better artist.