Seattle 4th of July

Fireworks are so fun to photograph... especially when you have front row VIP access (thanks Starbucks!) to the best show in the state. Photographing the fireworks from inside Gasworks park can be a challenge, given the large crowd and many obstacles. Luckily, I was able to find a spot that gave me a clear view of the Seattle skyline and the fireworks without any people, tents, trees, chairs, etc. in the way.

All of these photos were taken with a Canon 60D & 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5, on a Manfrotto tripod with a Giga T Pro intervalometer (wireless shutter release). Minimal to no post-processing was done to these photos. Enjoy!

I-90 Double Rainbow

(click on the image for a full screen view)

Boy, this was an awesome sight tonight. I don't think I've ever seen a double rainbow this bright before. From my house I watched some big clouds roll over Lake Washington that started to change colors as the sun set behind me. Then, it started to rain real hard and I knew this could be the perfect receipe for a rare rainbow sighting. I grabbed my camera bag, jumped in the car and bolted to the top of the hill. Within a minute a double rainbow appeared as bright as could be. I snapped away as the rain poured down on me - but I didn't care because no one else was at the lookout, and I knew I had a one of a kind photo in the tin!

And one more photo...

These rowers came to a quick hault to stare at the amazing sight.

A double rainbow! What does it mean?! Naturally, I couldn't help but think of Yosemite Bear as I was taking photos...


Block Party 2011, pt. II

The Head and The Heart

Seattle has a crush on The Head and The Heart. This was pretty evident on Friday night when the local 'folk rock band' took to the Mainstage in front of thousands of fellow Seattleites packed onto Pike St.  Here's a nice write-up on the KEXP Blog that will get you up to speed on the band if you're somehow not yet in the know.

Instead of snaking my way to the front of the crowd and taking photos next to a dozen other photographers, I opted to hang back a bit and shoot above the heads of the swooning crowd. Thanks to a light-weight, carbon fiber Gitzo Series 5 monopod and a shutter release cable I was able to fire off hundreds of photos from my own unique, elevated angle. Admittedly, it's not the easiest way to photograph a concert at night but I came away with quite a few sweet images. Here's a few I like...

Block Party 2011

Ghostland Observatory

With fog machines clouding the air and lasers beaming up a jammed Pike St, Ghostland put on one hell of show to cap the first night of the 2011 Capitol Hill Block Party. It was quite the site, to say the least. Here's a few images from their set, with more photos from the likes of The Head and The Heart and Ravenna Woods to come later this weekend...